Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kids That Sing

I really want kids that sing. Whether or not they can carry a tune in a bucket is besides the point. I just want them to feel comfortable opening their mouths and belting out their heart and soul. Singing is a form of expression and it always makes me a little sad to see kids who don't feel comfortable singing, just barely opening their lips and mouthing the words. So here are some ideas to turn your kids into singers.

Play lots of music in your home. Add variety, some classical, some kids music, some popular music.

Sing out loud! Your kids will sing more if you are comfortable with singing. Don't be afraid to really get into your favorite song.

Sing children's songs together. My kids love it when I sing "John-Jacob-Jingle-Heimer-Shmitt" to them in the bath. There are plenty of fun kids songs to sing whenever. Itsy-Bitsy-Spider, Mary Had a Little Lamb, You are My Sunshine, etc.

Be silly! Have fun singing in silly voices. Try an opera singer, a robot, a cowboy, whatever.

Enjoy a good musical together. What kid doesn't want to sing after watching "Annie"?

There's a starting point. Have fun singing!

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