Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheap Easter Egg fun

This morning, we had eggs for breakfast. But, they were no ordinary eggs. They were plastic Easter eggs (for 5 cents at wal-mart on clearance, the bigger ones). I filled the Easter eggs full of different kinds of cereal. Then I let my boys choose a couple of different eggs and 'crack' them open into their bowl. They had fun seeing what kind of cereal they got. And they didn't even mind that it was mixed together. We had so much fun doing that, we decided to pack James a lunch in eggs. We put chicken casserole, some cheetos, apple crisp, and even some Sprite (in a plastic bag) into eggs and gave him a note that said something about being an 'egg'septional dad. It was a blast, although James thought it was a little gross. Oh well. I think next year, we'll have our family Easter egg hunt in the morning and I'll do cereal in most of the eggs. That way the children can eat all the food they get, but they don't have to be loaded down with sugar or keep candy stashed away for weeks.


  1. Thanks for posting Abby! This cracked me up, what a fun idea!