Friday, May 6, 2011

Consignment Shopping

I suppose the fancy term for consignment shopping is "boutiquing".

If you are like me, you agree that kids clothes are way too expensive. You know they are going to be stained within minutes of being worn for the first time, and they will probably not fit in a few months. Thus, my love for kids consignment shops. I have a favorite here where we live now. Most of my kids' clothes were bought there for super cheap! But now we are moving far away. Will there be another great consignment store where we are going? Will I have to start buying kids clothes at regular price? *shudder* I hope not.

I found this great website that lists consignment stores all over the country. Not just kids consignment stores either, but also jewelry, furniture, decor, etc. They also list seasonal consignment sales, give tips on selling your stuff to consignment stores and even help you start your own consignment sale.

The website is and if you are anything like me you will go for the sales and get hooked by all the articles about thrifty shopping! Happy 'Boutiquing'!


  1. Love me some great consignment shops. I worked at them all through college and still dream of opening one up. I love Savers here and also the 50% off clearance for kids here too. It is almost cheaper than the consignment shops. Thanks for this site. Im gonna go check it out. Have fun shopping!!! Especially now that you guys will have " REAL" money. hee heee

  2. Being Thrifty is a wonderful trait. Those who have a lot of money should still be thrifty....using your money wisely is so allows you more freedom to other people with the money you have been blessed with.