Sunday, April 8, 2012

Miss J Getting Married

Ever since Miss J found some pictures of mine and Rob's wedding day in a folding frame, she has always wanted to hear "the story".  Lately, she loves to talk about getting married in the temple and "wearing a pretty, white dress."  This last week we were able to visit the temple where Rob and I got married.  When I told Miss J the plan she was very excited and kept asking if she could wear a pretty, white dress.  I wish I had a pretty white dress for her to wear, but I didn't.

When we got to the temple, we were able to see a few brides in their pretty white dresses.  Miss J kept talking about wearing one of those dresses.  I told her that she could wear a pretty white dress when she was big like mommy.  Near the end of our visit, Miss J turned to me and confidently said "I get married tomorrow."

I'm sure when the day comes, that is exactly how it will feel.

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