Monday, April 16, 2012

Going Green: My Limits Part 2

Remember when Cheryl Crow remarked that we should try to use just one square of toilet paper to be more eco-friendly?  Well, some people don't use any toilet paper at all.  Those cloth baby wipes are for everyone in the house.  I guess if you are willing to do it for an infant, then it isn't much different for an adult.  But for just isn't happening.

As I have read about this though, people really seem to love it as they feel they get cleaner with cloth. Hmmmm.  Something to think about.  Another comment I heard was that you should really have these for emergency preparedness.

I think that is a good point.  Instead of stockpiling disposables, just having a nice little storage of cloths wipes, diaper, and yes, even pads, would be a life saver if there was ever some sort of emergency that left you either stranded in your house, or left grocery stores unstocked.  So just a thought for you!

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