Friday, January 27, 2012

A Routine For Your Goals

It's the end of January.  How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions? 

Rob and I just set ours a week ago, but instead of setting a goal, we set a routine.

We discussed changes we wanted to see in our family, and instead of just setting a goal, we decided to implement a few new routines.

A routine doesn't have to encompass your entire day.  We looked at two parts of our day and implemented a new routine for them that includes making the changes we had discussed.

For example, Rob and I wanted to get better at having morning family prayer and  couple scripture study.  We discussed what made it hard to do those things with our current routine, and realized that we were too rushed in the mornings and that breakfast was being served too late. 

We wrote down and implemented the following schedule.
6:30 - Mom and Dad both up, get ready for the day
7:15 - Breakfast
7:30 - scripture study
7:50 - Morning Prayer and dad off to work

We don't usually hit the times exactly, but the goal and the time in the back of our mind keeps us moving and helps us make sure to get all the parts of our routine in.

We have been doing this for a week, and it has really made a difference in our mornings. 

Similarly, I wanted to start Jane and Max on chores and so I added a new routine.  Right after we get dressed, we make our beds.  Just like that.  It is now a habit.  We sing a song to signify it is time to make beds and we just do it.  It's our routine.

Our last goal was to cut down on TV time and have more family time.  But we didn't leave it at that.  We isolated a specific problem time (when Rob comes home from work and has to take care of the kids while I make dinner).  Then we replaced the old routine (turn on the tv) with a new routine (play games).  So now every day when Rob comes home it is game time in our house. 

Do you think some new routines would help you with your goals?

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