Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge

Have you ever made it to Christmas Day and felt like you missed out on the joy of the whole season?  I know I feel a lot of times like I get into the spirit of Christmas right at the end, and then it is over!  This year I have devised a plan and I invite you to join me. 

To do it, you only have to be willing to sacrifice a little bit of time on your weekends. I will also provide you with Family Home Evening Lessons throughout the month.  I will leave the last weekend of Christmas for you to spend as you wish, although there will be a bonus challenge on Christmas day.  Altogether, it is 12 days or Christmas Spirit.
I am breaking each challenge day into a different category.
Monday - Family Home Evening
Friday - Spouse/significant other/mom, sister, etc. if you are single
Saturday - Serving the Forgotten
Sunday - Visiting the Lonely

I really wanted to focus on the people around us.  Sometimes we do a great job of giving to charities for third world countries (which are great, don't get me wrong) but we fail to see the need in our own communities and neighborhood.  Now I have purposely left out soup kitchens and homeless shelters because we always think of those places to serve.  I wanted to highlight other opportunities to do good.

To prepare, begin gathering the following items
small doll (baby Jesus)
small box or tin to hold doll
2 pieces of fleece about 1-1.5 yds long for a blanket
Christmas Ornament Craft supplies
hot chocolate

This will not be very hard and I think it will really add to our holiday season.  Will you join me?

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