Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dec. 5 - Good Deeds for Baby Jesus

Day 4 - It's Monday Night, that means it's Family Home Evening!  For this Family Night you will be talking about doing good deeds for Baby Jesus.  Explain how when you do something good for someone else it is like doing it for Christ.  For the whole month you will keep track of your family's good deeds.  Everytime someone does a good deed they get to add a piece of "hay" to Jesus' manger.

All you need is a small baby doll to be baby Jesus, a tin or box for the manger, and "hay".  We always use tinsel, ourselves.

Keep your little manger out where everyone can see the family's progress.  If you catch someone doing a good deed be sure to announce it and ask if they would like to add some hay to the manger.

On Christmas Eve, put Baby Jesus in his warm, and comfy manger underneath your Christmas tree.

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