Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dec. 10 - Serving the Sick

There are many ways to fulfill this challenge.  Here are some ideas, choose the one that best fits your budget and schedule.

-Donate needed supplies or a meal to your local Ronald McDonald house or equivalent. 
-Drop a donation to Ronald McDonald house at McDonald's (even if it is just change)
-Make a meal for someone who is sick
-Go help someone who is sick or taking care of a sick family member with chores, laundry, Christmas, etc.
-Take some Christmas cookies to your hospital, not necessarily for the patients, but for the nurses!  You can save this one for Christmas Eve if you wish and add a little cheer to the lives of people who have to work the holiday.
-Take a sick mom's kids so she can get some rest.

Just a thought, if you want to help someone, sometimes the best thing to do is just do it, not ask permission first.  A lot of people will turn down help when you ask if it is ok, even when they could use it!

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