Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Simple St. Patrick's Day

So you woke up today and forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. Your kids showed up to school in purple, the leprechauns didn't trash your house, you blew it.

Or maybe you just don't do big St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

That's just fine. Because I'm going to give you a few ideas that you can easily pull together to round off a very nice and simple celebration.

Waldorf celebrations focus on nature, simplicity, and rhythm. They usually incorporate something special that day with food, a song, and a story. I'm adding in a few other things that you can pick and choose from. But all of this can be done in about an hour and TA-DA! You did St. Patrick's Day.

So I'll give it to you fast.




Eat potatoes, or corned beef, or anything green.

Try THIS IRISH DANCE.    (Warning: you will get tired and feel silly.)

Go on a walk and try to find clover, or green things, or whatever.

Paint a rainbow.

Feeling overwhelmed? Just do the story and song. The kids will love it and it takes ten minutes.

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