Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your presence is a present

Dear Self,

It's the holiday season. And you know what that means. We are in full multi-tasking mode! You know what I'm talking about.

You've got a pie crust in the oven. Sweet potatoes boiling. Kale sauteeing. You're adding to your list of last minute grocery shopping while checking pinterest for preschool ideas. All the while your daughter is painting forty different pictures and you have to admire and comment on each one. You decide to start a five minute pick-up before hubby gets home. Then the baby wakes up and you decide during all of this that he really could use some good face time with you, since it's been a while.

And during all of this. You've forgotten something.

(Hint: It's the kale. It's totally burnt. Don't look at it. Definitely don't taste it. Just put the pan in the sink and run it under some water. Maybe count yourself lucky that you were able to use that particular item from the CSA box without actually having to eat it.)

And this isn't the first day something like this has happened. Yesterday you ruined the fancy cheese cakes because you were in too much of a hurry to let your cream cheese thaw out.

Suddenly you stop, to breathe, maybe for the first time since lunch. (Did you have lunch?) And you wonder what else you're missing.

Because tomorrow, it might not be kale or cheese cake. It could be that new technique Jane is trying with her art. Or maybe one of Max's crazy dance moves. Maybe it will be a chance to share your love or testimony with your children. Or just one of those so special cuddle sessions with a baby that will be grown all to fast.

Yes, you are an expert multi-tasker. But this holiday season you don't have to be. I'm giving you a break. In fact, I'm ordering you to take one. Because what your children want more than pumpkin pie from scratch, real cranberry sauce, scented paints, perfect decorations, and a sparkling clean house, is you!

Jane didn't care about your pie or sweet potatoes today. She just wanted you to help her hang her paintings around the house and then admire them.

And so this is your new goal for the holidays. To slow down and be still. It won't kill the holidays to take a break, sit down, and cuddle. In fact, it might just make the season.

Your presence, your absolute presence, is the best gift you can give your children. And the best gift you can give yourself. So sit down, breathe, smile, look into those faces that you love so much. And just be here!

Don't let your mind wander to the perfect facebook post for this moment. Don't pick up your phone to snap the perfect shot. This moment is perfect just the way it is. With you here.

You can't make memories for the future without being here now.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have crescent rolls and cranberry sauce to make all while watching Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Much love,

PS Don't count on the crescent rolls turning out either.

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