Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Ideas for Kids

So I had lots of ideas to celebrate Veteran's Day and teach my children more about the men and women who make this country great. Unfortunately half of us are sick with an awful head cold! So that rules out the parade we were going to go to.


If there is a parade in your area, you should totally go!

Other ideas.

Talk to your children about what a veteran is.
Tell stories about some of the veterans that may be in your family history.
For older kids, learn the words to "God Bless America" or "America the Beautiful," etc.
For younger children, the songs on this page work well for introducing the concept of veterans.

I really liked this little mini-book to make and read to your kids. It's the poem "In Flander's Field." What's great about this, is that it is short enough to read to the younger set. You can explain what the poem is saying as you go along and then kids can color the pictures. The poem presents some good ideas and topics of discussion for the older set. It's a powerful poem. It's so important to introduce our children to quality, and classic, literature. Take advantage of this opportunity.

If possible, visit a memorial. Our city has put up 1000 flags in honor of veteran's day. We may go over today and practice some counting.

Looking for a service project? How about making cards for The Red Cross' "Holiday Mail for Heroes"?  You can find the guidelines and information here.

Happy Veteran's Day everybody!

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