Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things I'm so over with baby #3

We've been programmed to think that having a baby means buying loads of stuff. Because babies need all sorts of supplies, right? Wrong!

Don't get me wrong. I bought lots of stuff for my first. And then I didn't use half of it. The amount of stuff dwindled with baby #2. And now with baby #3, we bought almost nothing.

So here's my list of all the things you don't really need (or even want).

Changing table - Wait! I really thought that every time the baby needed a diaper change I was going to go upstairs and change it on the table? Ha! That changing table became nothing but an extra couple of shelves withing a few weeks.

Closet full of clothes - Ok, so buying baby clothes is way fun. But now on baby #3, I'm going through the clothes I bought before and thinking, "Did I really put my babies in jeans?" This kid has worn nothing but onesies, gowns, and sleepers. He's comfy, I'm comfy. Let's all just be comfy!

Bouncer - Meh. I have a swing and a carseat. Do I need anything else?

Disposable Wipes - Seriously! I know I'm in the minority with this one, but reusable wipes work so much better! Who knew? I just cut up a couple receiving blankets and mixed up some wipe solution in a spray bottle. When I need a wipe, I spray a cloth with the solution to wet it down and use it. I do a load of diapers and wipes at the end of the day. (Wipe solution = 1/2 cup baby wash + 1/2 cups baby oil + 1 cup water)

Burp cloths - Let's be honest. We all just end up using whatever's close by anyway. Towels, blankets, rags, whatever.

Baby socks and shoes - Am I the only one who can't keep these on my kids' feet?

Crib/bassinet - My kids always end up sleeping in the swing or with me anyway. I didn't even try to pretend this time.

Maybe my next post will be the baby necessities!

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  1. I am so over burp cloths too! Half the time I just wipe it up with my shirt and say I will deal with stains later lol. But for shoes, my friend gave me some Robeez and they are AMAZING - they have never fallen off, I'm a total fan now. You can probably find them on Amazon.