Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Devotional - Dec. 2nd

Advent is a Christmas tradition that takes place every Sunday in December. A candle is lit the first Sunday and an additional candle each Sunday after that. So Dec. 2 light one candle. Dec. 9 light two candles, etc. While the candles are lit have a Christmas devotional. Sing a carol, say a prayer, read from the scriptures, have a discussion if you wish. Then blow out the candles and do it again next week! You can customize this to be as long or as short as your children will allow.

You can display your candles however you wish. Usually it is in a wreath, but if you are like me and thought you could just pick one up at the store, you will be disappointed. So for now, each of my tapered candles is in a Christmas glass filled with fake snow. It is the memory that matters, not the beauty of the decoration (although the picture below is beautiful. Is it not? *sigh*)

Here is our Advent Devotional for Dec. 2nd. Feel free to use it.

Carol: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Lyrics found Here


Scriptures to read

Isaiah 9:6
Isaiah 25:4
Isaiah 53:3-5
Isaiah 25:8
Isaiah 52:7
Additional Reading for Individual/Couple Study

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