Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christ even loved the loud and squirrely kids

This Sunday we discussed the Sacrament. Someone made the comment that really, we should be partaking of it as if Christ, himself, were handing it to us. Because that is really what it is like. That is where our thoughts should be. And are we being reverent enough? Are we focusing enough at that time and really allowing it to change us?

I couldn't help thinking about my sacrament experience only two hours before. The one where I told Max to sit up, stop spitting, put his tongue in his mouth, get his feet off the pew. The one where I told Jane to stop crying, took away whatever was causing a fight between the two, told her to whisper and tied and retied the "necklace" she was making. I think Rob remembered to whisper to them to, "Remember Jesus."

So when I imagined what I would be doing if Christ were passing the Sacrament at church, I had to think, what would my kids be doing? Would they understand the true weight of that moment? Would they sit there in awe and gratitude.

Maybe. For approximately 8.4 seconds.

I can tell you one thing, they probably wouldn't look like the kids in this picture.

Or this one.

This picture gets a little closer. At least some of the kids have removed pieces of their clothing and one is carrying a stick.

And as I pondered if my kids would just SIT STILL AND BE QUIET FOR TWO MINUTES so I could appreciate the wonder of the Savior, I realized, Christ loves my kids just the way they are. In fact, He's told me to become more like them.

Christ loved all little children. Not just the ones who sat quietly with their hands in their lap, or the ones who look up at Him with their angelic, sweetly smiling faces.

It occurred to me that Christ would still love a child who wanted to show Him a funny face.

Or is having a bad day.

Or can't seem to figure out whispering.

He thinks they're all great and wonderful and beautiful. And He knows I'm trying to teach them and we're all just learning and doing our best. 

And you know what? Because Christ was once a child. I'm sure he understands what it's like to have so much pent up energy that you just have to wiggle, or the need to jump off that really high table because it's just sitting there challenging your abilities every day, or how hard it is to use an inside voice when you have something REALLY IMPORTANT to say.

He knows. 

He loves. 

My kids. Your kids. All kids. Even the loud and squirrely ones.

Can we get a picture of Christ with some of those kind of kids please?

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