Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood Preschool Unit

Letter: R

Rhyme: A Tisket A Tasket

Literary Exercise: words that rhyme with red

Vocab words: red, wolf, basket

Day 1: Talked about the letter R. Did R and r cookie sorting, letter finding, and writing practice from this worksheet package. Most of the worksheets/games I talk about are from this packet.
Color mixing. We experimented with mixing colors and learned how to make purple, orange and green.

Day 2: Practiced writing the letter R. Did the scrabble letter word building activity.

Made a map to get Little Red Riding Hood to her grandma's house. Then we made a map showing how we got to our grandma's house. Kids had to recount the "directions" to me and then to grammy over the phone.

Day 3: Did the clothespin number wheel and "add 'em up" dice game. We also glued construction paper to make a letter R.

We drew pictures of our grammies and then used proper pronouns and complete sentences to describe them.

Day 4:  Shadow matching, Cut and paste following directions with prepositions, pattern worksheet.

Learned about healthy and unhealthy food and planned our picnic.

Day 5: This will happen tomorrow, but we plan to replay some of the games from the last week and went on a picnic. The kids will help make the "healthy food" and put them in our basket. At the picnic I hope to have everyone act out the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

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