Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sometimes children are embarrassing...

And when they are I would just like to say that they in no way reflect the thoughts and feelings of their parents. Got it? I have nothing to do with it.

Max has a new thing. He likes to point out the "bad guys". Unfortunately this leads to some embarrassingly public denunciations of the "bad guys" in our every day life.

Like the guys in hats and sun glasses at the store. "Look Mom! Bad guys!"

The two African-American men at the restaurant.  "Dad! A bad guy! Another bad guy!" (This was so embarrassing. I can't even tell you. All Rob could do was correct Max, apologize and hope his eyes somehow communicated how NOT racist we really are.)

And then today, perhaps the worst. In the hallway of the Disneyland hotel, a somewhat tall (but not super tall) gentleman walked out of his room. Max gasped. "Look! It's a bad guy!"  I responded the way I always do. "That's not a bad guy, Max." But then he went further, yelling, "It's a giant."  And as the man walked past us and down the hall Max kept shouting. "Where's the giant going? Where'd the giant go?"

Are we sure that duct taping a child's mouth is abuse?


  1. LOL - When Stephen was two, we walked into the restroom at Red Lobster where a VERY large, VERY dark black woman was washing her hand. Stephen, who just so happened to be terrified of Gorillas, started screaming in an ear shattering pitch, "MONKEY!! MONKEY!! Mommy, MONKEY!!! NO!!!!!"

    To say the woman was offended is an understatement. She started screaming at me, "What are teaching your child? That black people ain't nothing but MONKEYS??" As she was screaming at me, she was walking toward us, which caused Stephen to freak out even more.

    I was seriously worried that I was going to end up in a fist fight, while holding my toddler, in the women's room of Red Lobster.I mumbled an apology and beat a quick retreat back to my table where the rest of my family enjoyed a good laugh at my expense.

    I vote for the duct tape!;c)

  2. hahaha Jaunice. I can't tell you how much better your story made me feel!

  3. hahaha omg i LOVED this!! thank you for sharing :)

  4. So funny! Your post and JC's comment. Luckily Nolan doesn't say much unless it has to do with a ball or motorized vehicle.