Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alternatives to Invisible Children

So we've all seen the heartbreaking video for KONY2012.  We are sad.  We want to do something.  However, there is some speculation on the charity "Invisible Children" for having a low charity rating and only 36% of donations going to the cause.  I think part of this is because of the nature of this charity's mission.  However, if you are feeling leary of IC but still in your heart wish you could help, I present here some alternative organizations and ideas from 4-star and BBB approved charities.

World Vision has an excellent page about child soldiers.  You will be even more upset to learn that Joseph Kony is not an isolated incident.  You can donate to World Vision specifically for this cause or implement their ideas for writing to President Obama and asking him to please enforce the bill passed in 2009 that cuts off US aid to countries whose governments use child soldiers.

After all, the KONY2012 video showed that enough people speak up, our government WILL listen.

UNICEF is also on the front lines of this issue.  They are trying to pass protocol to be followed by all members of the UN that is similar to what World Vision wants Obama to support.  UNICEF also tries to protect children to avoid abduction altogether as well as provides empowerment, jobs, and stability to former child soldiers.  Donations to UNICEF can't really be directed towards a certain cause and right now your donation is more likely to go to the famine in the Horn of Africa.

International Rescue Committee is another 4 star charity that focuses on rescuing and restoring child soldiers.  In addition to donating they have a link for advocating as well.  I don't know if you can specifically give to one cause with this charity.

If you have bought the bracelet or still want to.  Go ahead.  Helping is always ok.  I think the KONY2012 video is a great way to introduce your kids to political activism.  So if you still want to go "Blanket the Night" and wear the bracelet, I say go for it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am not the greatest at keeping up with news and I really wish I was better at it. I will definitely be looking into this more! Maybe another blog post can be how you research and where you get your news from...? I could use some ideas!