Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back on the World Wide Web!

Well, I am finally back on the internet...with dial-up! Yuck! It is just a short term measure until we can get something a little more up to date. I can't believe how slow it is. How did we ever work with this? haha You other authors on this blog can feel free to write something anytime too!

So what did I learn from the big move? A LOT!

1. Moving is much easier when the grandparents help! Thank you so much.
2. The last little bit of packing and loading up the truck is a pain in the rear. Find a babysitter for the kids for this part if possible.
3. Paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery. Need I say more?
4. For the car trip, invest in some new toys. The really cheap $5 and under Wal-Mart toys work great, and then throw in one or two larger toys. Let each child play with one at a time and rotate them. The newness of the toys interspersed with a portable DVD player really saved our bacon.
5. Learn as many fun songs as you can. Turn around in your seat and sing them over and over and over and over! haha

That's about it. Moving is hard work! I am trying to adjust to "real life", and it hasn't been easy. There are many days where I feel lonely and isolated. Not having internet didn't help any either.

So here is my question. What do you do to fight the isolation and loneliness that can sometimes happen as a stay-at-home mom?

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  1. Hi Amanda--I was just thinking about you. Good question, one that people who become moms in VG get to put off worrying about for a few years anyway. That was a big part of my early adjustment to becoming a SAHM. I think blogs and the internet were a huge help. Another thing I loved was having a once-a-week playgroup that rotated houses with other young moms in my ward (in TX). It gave the kids and I both something to look forward to. I think having things scheduled that we always did, like storytime at the library on Wed, playgroup on Tuesday, girls night out on Thurs, etc. helped with the rest of the week, too, because on the days there wasn't something I still knew I could look forward to the next day or so when there was.

    I really miss you. I'm jealous of your privacy. Having older kids getting judged and criticized by people who haven't raised any that age gets really old...but I'm sure I'll miss the company when I'm out in the "real world" too.