Friday, March 2, 2012

Use It Up or Throw it Out!

If you are like me, you have several craft projects started but not finished.  This leads to a lot of clutter and ultimately wasted material.  Today, I want to encourage you to start going through those crafts of yours and either finish or repurpose one of them TODAY!  It doesn't have to be hard.  Not going to finish that quilt you started 4 years ago?  Sew a few of the squares into a table runner, or better yet, what about a skirt?

I found some already-made quilt squared from what was supposed to be a "friendship quilt".  I never made the quilt.  So yesterday I took those squared and made a skirt!  Easy.  Just sew the squares together in a line.  Hem up one edge.  Sew ends together to form a circle.  Fold upper edge over to create an elastic casing.  Put in elastic, and you're done.  Of course you can make several layers for a longer skirt.  But not only did I get rid of excess materials, I got Miss J a new spring skirt out of it!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!
**Please excuse the unmatching shirt and my exposed feet!

What about all that yarn that you were going to make a baby blanket out of?  If you aren't going to finish the blanket, consider making some children's toys out of the yarn.  The projects are smaller and thus faster!  Plus you might actually get some use out of it!
Here are some pattern links to get you started

What about all that excess fabric?  Try one of these cute (and free) toy sewing patterns.  There are plenty more if you just google "free fabric toy patterns".  These toys are only made cuter by using unique colors and fabric patterns.

So have at it!  W

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